The worst winter of United States Getaways

There’s no way to say that the weather is better for winter vacations. Some may be looking for a way to escape by biting winds and snow that covers all while others can be excitedly anticipating the arrival of winter so start cozying and can engage in winter activities. What can be the paradise for one can be hell for another. That is why it is extremely difficult to rate the appeal of a city based on his time. However, there are some who not only make the cut when it comes to winter stays.

The high crime rate in Detroit is enough to steer tourists clear of the area. Unfortunately, criminals do not hibernate in the winter and are still very there during these months. The once popular Center of auto industry sees regular snow storms that are sure to put a damper on your visit. The cloudy dark make the city always covered perpetually gray with little sun.

If you’re looking for a cold winter, so Portland is not the place for you. With warmer winters than other cities in the United States, Portland does not deliver when it comes to winter still does not provide even the Sun and the heat that can save his reputation. The worst features; However, the squalls of winter cold that just add to the atmosphere. Stay away from Portland this winter.

This ‘ Windy City ‘ may only have to change its name to the city ‘ freezing ‘. In fact, Chicago also has some history when it comes to snowstorms after seeing the largest snowstorm lasted 22 days in January 1918 resulting 42.5 inches of snow. With some of the colder temperatures, heavier snowfalls and very little to do, Chicago is a place to avoid this winter.

Statistics show that residents of Cleveland see worst winter months. With blankets of snow across the city, there is very little you can do but stay at home and wait for it to pass. Frigid winters are affected by 60 inches of snow that keeps the temperature at 50 degrees. How are the winters, Cleveland doesn’t rock.

What makes Boston one of the worst cities in the United States for the winter is its wet winters. The North of the city air brings the temperature to freezing levels. Boston, in fact, saw an average of 42.5 inches of rain with snow that is 35% higher than the national average. High latitudes of the city make it also subject to snow storms. In short, Boston shouldn’t be in your list of winter shelters.

Winter holidays can be awesome if designed well, especially considering the summer season and related events. While there are enemies of the snow, we hate when it gets wet and gray. When planning your next winter vacation, make sure you avoid these cities if you want to keep away from the gloomy atmosphere. Fortunately, there are many more places in the United States where you can find great winter time.

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